Are You Experiencing Frozen Shoulder? Visit a Chiropractor

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Your shoulders have the most flexibility among all your joints. Its wide range of motion is necessary to perform different movements, from routine tasks reaching for objects to performing athletic responses. However, its versatility makes it prone to wear and tear over time. Its network of ligaments and tendons can thicken, constricting your shoulder’s joints. Besides being an inconvenience for your posture, having limited use of your shoulder joints can prevent you from being productive.

Adhesive capsulitis, or what most people refer to as a frozen shoulder, causes stiffness and pain in your shoulder joint. Although its onset signs are ignorable, it can steadily worsen over time. It can develop from 1-3 years, manifesting in small pains that restrict movements. Although it’s generally due to injuries, it can also be a symptom of more severe cases like broken bones or arthritis.

Potential causes of frozen shoulder

Although physical injury is the most common cause of joint problems, there are also more subtle and severe causes. Some evidence points to diabetes, and other chronic conditions can create joint issues. Additionally, it’s also more common for people with recent arm fractures and surgeries to have immobile shoulder joints. Postmenopausal women between 40 to 70 years old also have a higher risk of experiencing a frozen shoulder.

Treatments options for frozen shoulder

Remedying frozen shoulder symptoms is mainly for its pain. Generally, over-the-counter medication like aspirin is an effective solution to mitigate its effects of pain and inflammation. However, you may need more potent doses of prescription medicines if you’re suffering from a more severe case. Besides taking pills to manage pain, you can opt for a more permanent solution.

Other treatments include shoulder manipulation, where a doctor will rearrange your shoulder to loosen tightened tissue. Another option is joint distension, where you will receive a sterile water injection to your joint capsule. It stretches your tissue and reinvigorates its range of motion. 

Additionally, you can also receive a steroid injection for it. The last resort for severe cases of frozen shoulder is surgery. Your doctor cuts into your shoulder to remove any adhesions and scar tissue from within your shoulder joint.

Chiropractic solution for frozen shoulder

A chiropractic session is a solution that’s gaining more popularity for people experiencing different body pains. Since it employs less invasive procedures, it’s an option that most people suffering from frozen shoulder choose as their first course of action.

Receiving chiropractic services reduces the pain you feel while improving your shoulder’s range of motion. It also speeds up your recovery by manipulating your joints and muscle tissues. By applying pressure in key stretch points, your body naturally activates its natural healing processes. Although it’s a viable solution for frozen shoulder, you must first get a diagnosis if you have other underlying conditions. Having other illnesses can hinder your recovery’s effects or could cause adverse effects on your body. This is why it’s best to consult with your physician before you receive alternative remedies.


Keeping tabs on your body’s condition should be one of your priorities as you grow older. No one stays young forever, which is why investing in healthier lifestyles will pay off in the long term. The best way to avoid severe illnesses is to maintain a strong and healthy body with balanced nutrition and an engaging fitness routine. The combination of these two will prolong your body’s durability and resilience well into your senior years.

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