Christy H

Severe Back Pain

“I was going to live with this pain, with this false understanding that it was just something I had to live with. I just thought I would always live with back pain, but now I don’t. I found people who cared here. It feels awesome to be a part of this practice and this family.”


Thyroid Issues, Irregular Menstrual Cycles, & Allergies

“I started with thyroid issues, irregular menstrual cycles, it was hard to lose weight, I had allergies, and back pain. The stress on your body wears on you and makes you older than you are. I’m off my medications, I’m more positive, I was able to lose weight, and get off Metformin! I recommend anyone and everyone to come here and get problems resolved that you didn’t even know you had.”


Pregnancy & Stress

“We’ve been here for over two years and couldn’t be happier. My body has been through so much trauma and stress, and I wasn’t my best self, so I continued to come and see Dr. Jacob, and he helped me to be the best version of me that I could possibly be. We got my baby, Emma, adjusted at four hours old and it has helped so much with her gas, sleep, and our breastfeeding and latching journey. She is thriving! While I was pregnant I didn’t have any aches or pains, and I had a completely natural delivery with no medications!”


Emotional Stress

I appreciated that they explained everything to me, so I understood my own body and what was happening. I understood the cause of my symptoms. There was peace. I am here for healing. I experienced true healing from the inside out emotionally and physically…there really are miracles happening here.” 


Overall Health

“It wasn’t until I stepped into Inside Out Chiropractic that I truly learned what it means to heal from the inside out. One thing chiropractic has taught me is to have confidence in myself and my body, knowing that I’m designed to heal from the inside out, and by helping my body function optimally I’m able to have the best health possible and live the best life possible.”

Shannon & Mark 

Scoliosis, Numbness & Restlessness

I was a bit skeptical at first, but after looking at my x-rays I realized there was a lot going on that was sleeping, and if I hadn’t caught it when I did it would’ve been very severe. I’m thankful for IOC, and that God has placed it in our life to help us live better and healthier.” -Mark


“I was told my scoliosis was common for girls my age, and that I would grow out of it. Each time I went to a different provider I was told to come back if it got worse, which is not the answer I wanted to hear. When I came to Inside Out Chiropractic, I was ready for this to get fixed…I was excited to find a place that could get some answers. Since my first adjustment I haven’t had the numbness in my legs or the restlessness.” -Shannon


Sciatica & Back Pain

“Ever since I was 16 years old, I suffered from sciatica and when I went to the Doctor they just gave me pills. I fought through the pain and it would temporarily go away but it would always come back. The pain became excruciating and unbearable. I couldn’t even walk. I heard good things about chiropractic and I figured it was my best shot. With each adjustment I felt a difference. I knew my body was healing itself. I was slowly but surely getting my life back.”

Aimee & Alex

Autism, Tics & Limited Language

“After Alex’s first adjustment she felt so much better. She’s a much happier kid!

My older daughter, Journey, is on the spectrum and I didn’t even know chiropractic could even help her. She had very limited language, daily meltdowns, eye tics, and her hands and arms would shake. After a few weeks at Inside Out Chiropractic, we were in the store one day and I heard her say, “Hey Mama, I like this.” I stopped because she had never spoken like that before. I was so happy.”

I don’t know what I’d do without Inside Out Chiropractic.”

Christy S

Memory & Migraines

“I am an aneurysm and stroke survivor. My memory was completely wiped out. I truly believe chiropractic care has helped me with my memory! This has been truly helpful with my headaches, my migraines, and overall healing process.”


Cancer & Chemotherapy

“Two years ago I was diagnosed with colon cancer…it was a big shock…I wasn’t prepared for it. I was told I needed chemotherapy for 4 months and that I would have nausea, pain, and loss of energy…they gave me two bottles of pills…one for pain and one for nausea. In four months of chemotherapy treatment…I didn’t open either bottle.”

Damon & Carmen

Less Medications & No More Migraines

“We have seen massive improvements. We are taking less medications and have more energy and overall better health!” -Damon

“Since we’ve been here I don’t have to take migraine medications because I don’t have migraines anymore!” -Carmen

Manoah & Avonlea

Chiropractic for Newborns

“We decided to give it a shot and I didn’t even know they specialized in pregnancy…immediately I knew I was in the right place. Where we had been faced with a-lot of “I don’t knows”, questions, and tests…Dr. Jacob seemed confident and knew how to help.”

Ross, Hannah & Jubilee

Chiropractic for Families

“We are grateful and hopeful that as our family continues to grow that we are able to prevent some of the ailments we had that possibly could’ve been prevented if we were under care at such a young age.”


TMJ & Pain

“My experience has been amazing and that’s why I keep coming back!”



“I was feeling kind of lost and I felt the power of positivity the minute I walked through their doors. You name it my body’s been through it! I found my family here. Miracles do happen here!”


Improved Eyesight & No More Meds

“It’s given me back my life. Everyone tells me to take a pill and come back later…I don’t take medications any longer. My eyesight is coming back…I’m in zero pain…they’ve given me back my freedom and they’ve taught me to expect miracles.”


Cystic Fibrosis

“I have cystic fibrosis…ever since I’ve been coming here I’ve been able to feel more energized and live my life. I used to be on tons of pain medications and I’ve officially been off of 4 different pain meds ever since coming here!”


Old Injuries Resolved

“I didn’t know if it would do much for me…but I decided to give it a chance. I’ve been in the military for 10 years and when they adjusted me my body started healinglingering problems I had started to get better. I didn’t feel I needed chiropractic and it helped me in ways I didn’t even realize.”

Megan and Daniel

Headaches & Neck Pain

“Nobody could give me any answers. Over the months I saw vast improvements…it made such a huge difference for me.”-Megan

“Even though I didn’t have severe pain I did notice a big difference! I’m ready to do what I need to do at work! Our son has also been really healthy!” -Daniel

Valerie, Malachi, Tobias & Elijah

Anxiety, Eczema, Asthma & Earaches

“I know for a fact that if it was not for this office, myself, my kids, and our overall health would be on the decline like it already was. I know for a fact that my kids would not be where they’re at developmentally. Healthwise, they would still be on medications all the time. Our lives are changed because of this office.”

Rebecca, Levi & Bennett

Spinal Conditions, Arthritis & Nerve Damage

I’m a 100% disabled Air Force veteran…when I left the military I came out with 2 spine conditions, arthritis, and nerve damage in both hands. Since being under chiropractic care…that pain has since subsided and I’m able to function perfectly fine!” -Levi

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