Back Pain 101: Fantastic Tips to Help You Prevent Back Pain

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One of the most common reasons people visit their chiropractor is because they want to relieve themselves from back pain. Going to a chiropractor to deal with their back pain issues has become a routine for some people, and regular maintenance visits are typical in chiropractic clinics. 

People with jobs requiring them to sit for hours or use repetitive movements suffer from back pain the most. This is why it’s recommended that you visit your chiropractor regularly and to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle so that your back muscles strengthen to prevent future pain. 

Since back pain has a high risk of recurrence, you must take necessary actions to prevent yourself from experiencing these risks. Alongside chiropractic treatments, below are additional tips that you should know to help prevent back pain. Give your neck and back a good stretch, and let’s get to it!

Listen to your body

The most important tip that you should do to help prevent any pains and discomfort is to listen to your body. Your body sends signals to you and gives you cues to let you know when something doesn’t feel right in your body.

If you’re doing activities hurting your back, but you’re pushing it too much, you do cause more significant damage. When something hurts, stop immediately, and recover. 

Warm-up, exercise, and cool down

Before doing any strenuous activities, such as exercising, it’s essential that you warm-up and cool down right after your sessions. Warming up your muscles allows the blood to flow properly and avoids shocking muscle groups.

Similar to the concept of warm-ups, cooling down helps you stretch out and relieve your muscles from all the strain, allowing you to recover faster. Warm-ups and cool-downs improve your performance, posture, and body functions, ultimately reducing your risk of back pain.

Additionally, exercise increases flexibility and mobility, strengthening your back’s muscle groups, decreasing back injuries and discomfort. However, you must speak to your trainer regarding your back issues so that they can create a program designed to cater to your back problems. 

Mind your posture

The way you position your body and your posture play a big role in how your back feels. For example, when you’re sleeping in an uncomfortable position, you may damage your neck and vertebrae, resulting in immense back pain. 

By sleeping in comfortable positions, you’ll eliminate pressure off the hips and spine, relieving you from back pain. To do this, you can use a pillow that will support your neck and a mattress that can carry your body weight.

Besides your sleeping posture, some people forget that how you lift items from the floor can dramatically affect your back. This is why CrossFit training or functional training are perfect partners to regular chiropractic care so that you can do daily activities properly and with the right form and posture. 

Avoid sitting for long hours

When you sit down for long hours, you compromise your posture, weakening the muscles and loading the discs in your back. With this type of activity, you’ll immediately feel the comfort even after a few minutes of sitting with bad posture.

To help you consciously move and stand up, it’s ideal that you set a timer for quick breaks so you can walk around your space to encourage blood flow and to relieve your back from pain. 


Back pain is a common discomfort that many people experience; however, it is relatively easy to prevent, especially if you follow these tips and tricks. By being conscious about your posture, doing regular functional exercises, and visiting your chiropractic clinic, back pain will be a thing of the past. You’ll be able to breeze through your days without carrying weight on your backs. 

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