Top 3 Kinds of Pain That Your Chiropractor Can Correct

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We all experience some pain and discomfort on a daily basis. These are normal, given that these are our body’s basic responses to stimuli that may harm us. The problem, however, is how we react towards these painful stimuli. While some people quickly resort to taking pain relief medication, some people do the exact opposite and pay no attention to what is ailing them. 

Both responses can be inherently harmful. Taking pain relief medication merely masks the pain. It can come back later when the pain medication wears off or when the same habits cause you to experience discomfort again! Paying no attention to the pain is just as bad, especially because it opens up your body to develop more serious conditions due to the unresolved stressors. 

An alternative to both scenarios is by seeking the services of a licensed chiropractor, who looks at your body’s condition in its totality. Instead of only looking at the part of your body that is experiencing pain, chiropractors will look at ways to adjust your lifestyle as much as they adjust your vertebrae alignment. 

Here are the top three kinds of physical pain that your chiropractor can help you manage, if not get rid of completely. 

1. Low Back Pain and Neck Pain

If you’re someone who spends the whole day working at a desk sitting down, then chances are you are experiencing some measure of discomfort every day. The most common pains associated with desk workers are lower back and neck pains—which are often the parts of your body that are unsupported by poorly designed, run-of-the-mill office chairs not designed for long-term use. 

This pain is usually a result of your body assuming an unnatural position for hours on end, which sometimes leads to misalignment. After a series of X-ray imaging and neurological tests, your chiropractor can administer chiropractic adjustments to your spine to reduce nerve irritability and restore your range of motion. 

2. Whiplash

Whiplash is a type of neck injury caused by a sudden, forceful, and rapid back and forth movement of the neck—typically arising from being involved in a rear-end car accident. However, they can also arise from sporting accidents, physical abuse, and other events that may cause physical trauma. 

Whiplash causes pain that intensifies as soon as you try to turn your head. It’s even common to feel some dizziness and nausea along with it. Your chiropractor can help alleviate some of the pain and discomfort associated with whiplash by doing chiropractic adjustments on your neck. They may also instruct you to do some stretching exercises at home to further your healing process.

3. Migraine and Tension Headaches 

Headaches, though exceedingly common, are some of the least understood kinds of pain. However, they can be differentiated through how patients describe the sensation, as well as the specific area where the pain occurs. 

For example, migraines typically affect only one side of the head, usually coming along with nausea and distorted vision. Meanwhile, tension headaches are typically described as a mild-to-moderate painful sensation that occurs all around the head. Some patients describe the sensation as akin to a band squeezing the head. 

For all the advanced medical technology available to us today, headaches are not very well understood—and as such, doctors usually just prescribe pain relief medicines to alleviate the discomfort. 

However, chiropractors can help you manage these headaches through chiropractic adjustments on the spine and neck. Besides making adjustments, your chiropractor can also recommend lifestyle changes, such as avoiding certain foods and stressors, to decrease the intensity and frequency of headaches. This helps you avoid headaches for the long term, and decreases your chances of forming a tolerance to pain-relief medications. 


In order to lead a healthy life, you must first listen to what your body tells you. You need to pay attention to any seemingly innocuous habits that could be harming you in the long run. As providers of holistic healthcare, your chiropractor can help you restore your body’s natural form, and keep it that way long-term through lifestyle changes and preventive care. 

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